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Le 05 septembre 2011


A very humid and sticky afternoon saw a poor and very quiet crowd of 9,459 turn out for the first home match of the season against the Correziens of Brive.
There are times when loosing the first match of the season at home is excusable but Saturday against Brive was not one of these occasions, very difficult to place the finger on a particular problem because there was not just one problem but a bucket full.
The penalty count was over 20 against Montpellier, the knock on’s uncountable but the most incredible of all was the pure effort that was given, nearly non existent, the play was in bits and pieces, rugby is a team sport played by 15 members of one team, who play together and in harmony, this was individuals doing their own thing and the Esprit d’equipe (team spirit) and commitment, was nowhere to be seen. 
The World Cup starts next week and Montpellier are missing 11 players, plus an infirmary full of injuries which is growing by the day, but life goes on and it is up to the players who are not at this years show case event to represent the club and show they have pride in the rugby shirt that they wear, the blood sweat and tears situation needs to be readdressed .
The game was a mixture of bad and very bad, both teams content to try their luck at goal kicking from penalties, with Caminati from Brive and Lagarde Montpellier’s cannoner, the teams came to the break at 9 points each.
The second half was a continuation of errors from Montpellier and eventually Brive got their noses in front with another 3 penalties from Caminati and then he again broke the Blues defence and served Marienval who dived over in the corner, the home crowd were silenced into a deadly hush, a final in Paris last season, and the first home game starting to slip away into oblivion, difficult to comprehend.
The second of Brive’s tries came from a ball hacked through by Pejoine and VanVuren could not hold the ball over the line, although he fumbled he was the only Montpellier player within 20metres of the ball thus giving the  ex Montpellier winger Jaques Boussuge the chance to dive over to insure all 4 points for Brive. In the closing minutes Brive pushed for the attacking bonus point but came up just short after battering the Montpellier try line for a good last few minutes.
Final score Montpellier 12 Brive 28.
Another 2 yellows for Fakate and Bost, and possible injuries to prop forwards Chobet and Jgenti, Montpellier have two very delicate away matches, the first next Friday at Stade Francais and then the following week away to Perpignan, with ZERO points from the first 2 matches Montpellier are shouldering the other 13 teams in this seasons TOP 14, things will have to change, if not there could be trouble in th’ mill.
Steve Whittell