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Interview with Jimmy Nagusa before his 100th game for Montpellier

Le 27 août 2014
Steve Whittell: Hi Jimmy, we are coming to a mile stone for you, 100 games for Montpellier this coming Friday against Clermont.
JN.   Very happy about that and it’s certainly an honour, there are a few players who have already reached that mark  Fulgence Ouedraogo, Francois Trinh-Duc, Drikus Hancke, Benoit Paillaugue, Mamuka Gorgodze, just to mention a few, but to be able to join them is something very special and I am very proud to be amongst these great players, and I get my photo on the wall of fame it’s brilliant!!!!!
Steve Whittell: Can you remember your very first game for Montpellier it was August 13th 2010.
JN. Yes of course I can WE LOST!!!
Steve Whittell: OK Jimmy we will leave that well alone, your fondest memory in the last 99 games, I think I may know the answer to this one?
Jim Nagusa: Only one answer the final in the first year with Fabien Galthie and Eric Bechu, although we lost the game it was fantastic to play in front of 80,000 people in the Stade de France, and we only just lost but what a great day and a great season that was!!!
Steve Whittell: You know my memory is fading who scored the only try?
Jim Nagusa:  It was Jimmy Nagusa don’t you remember!!
Steve Whittell: Of course I do and if I remember rightly, Jimmy with orange hair.
Jim Nagusa: That’s the one, great moment I shall remember it for all my life.
Steve Whittell:  When you signed in 2010 did you think you would still be here today?
Jim Nagusa:  Honestly I did not know, but to be in this position its  great, nobody really knows what lies in front of them and I cant predict the future so it was the start on a magical tour, and it’s still not over, I think I have learnt an awful lot in the last 4 years, become a better player, more professional, look after myself a lot better than I used to, my diet etc. has changed radically and I am a fitter stronger person, plus I have gained new skills, that’s down to the coaches and some hard work from myself.
Steve Whittell:  Coming back to the TOP 14, your thoughts on the first two games this season?
Jim Nagusa:  Racing was difficult and we nearly won that one, but Grenoble on Saturday was another ball game, we could have so easily lost the game but I think we got lucky in the end and Jonathon Pelissie held his nerve and kicked the penalty, by the skin of our teeth but the win we will take. This coming Friday we will have to improve at Clermont or we are in trouble.
Steve Whittell: Can you explain the difficulties that you had against Grenoble?
Jim Nagusa:  The coaches have talked to us about it and we are changing a few things to try out and improve, already we are now training in the morning on the pitch, not as hot and I think it’s much better for us, sometimes it needs just very small adjustments to bring out the best in the team, but we are working on a few new ideas that the coaches have given us, to be honest we were not good against Grenoble but we won, which is the most important so we can now move onto the next game, but remembering our faults, try not to repeat them and continue to work hard in preparation for Fridays game.
Steve Whittell: Friday another massive game against Clermont we have never won there, how are you approaching the game and how confident are you and the team?
Jim Nagusa:  Firstly we need to win games away from home, every team is trying their hardest to get into the Top 6, but it happens now, not at the end of the season, we go to every game only thinking of winning irrespective of whom we are playing, it’s the only way it can be.  I know Clermont is never easy, but we are confident that we can all put in good a performance; every team is difficult there are no easy games anymore. If we stick to the game plan and execute it without any silly mistakes we could be successful, but it will take another massive effort.
Steve Whittell: Last few words Jimmy  your 100th game for Montpellier how about a “Jimmy Special Try” and an away win that would be worth at lest a little celebration maybe.
Jim Nagusa: Wow yes without a doubt and you just never know, I am looking forward to it, in fact can’t wait, things could go my way and if Lady Luck is on out side, why not, why not indeed. 
Steve Whittell: Cheers Jimmy all the very best for Friday night and you have a tremendous 100th game for Montpellier and bring home the bacon.
Interview by Steve Whittell.