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Interview with Tom Donnelly

Le 06 août 2014
Interview with  Montpelliers new signing, All Black second row, Tom Donnelly.
Steve Whittell: Hi Tom welcome to Montpellier, you arrived last week, and started training on Monday,  what are your feelings for your new club?
Tom Donnelly: Firstly its great to be here and meet the guys, the language is going to be a barrier to start  with, but hopefully i should learn some quickly, i have also to get into a routine and learn the plays, systems, and lineout calls this will be a massive challenge for me but i am ready for it and looking forward to the first game.
Steve Whittell:  How long have you know you were coming to Montpellier and why did you choose this club?
Tom Donnelly: I signed a couple of months ago at the end of the Super XV season, my descision was based on wanting to play in the European Cup, and the oppurtunity to come here to France with a young family is very exciting, i have always wanted to experience different cultures and learn a second language, and what better place to come to do just that, and play what i do best ,rugby in an great part of France.
Steve Whittell: Have you ever been to France before.
Tom Donnelly: Yes i played for the All Blacks on a tour a few years ago and we got to see several places in France but it  is never the same as living in the country with your family
Steve Whittell: You came to France firstly for the rugby but also maybe for the excellent lifestyle?
Tom Donnelly: Yes of course New Zealand is a very small country and to be able to live a different culture and learn a different language is a challenge but a healthy one, its an incredible opportunity for myself and my young family and we relish the occaision.
Steve Whittell: How much did you know of Montpellier before you arrived?
Tom Donnelly: I know that for the last few seasons, they were getting very close to the top of their Championship, and they play a very fast expansive stlye of rugby and they love running the ball at the opposition.
Steve Whittell:  You are sure you made a good choice coming to Montpellier?
Tom Donnelly: Yes of course i would not be here if not, we studied everything before making the decision but i have no doubts the choice we have made is excellent, and hopefully we will be able to stay for a while.
Steve Whittell:  What are your thoughts on the TOP 14 and how the game is played in Europe?
Tom Donnelly:  The team seems to be full of young guys well much younger than me!!! The game itself looks a lot more physical than what i have been playing and its very forward orientated but its a great chance for me to try out a new kind of rugby, i am really looking forward to everything and  playing rugby is my life, this is very exciting for me.
Steve Whittell: What are your personel goals with your new club?
Tom Donnelly:  I just want to try and play my best for the club and hopefully we can have a great season and keep going forward as the club is in forward expansion. My family are right behind me and their support will help me tremendously 
Steve Whittell: You are obviously looking forward to your first game?
Tom Donnelly: Yes of course but maybe its a little early as this is only my second training day with the club, but if i am selected sooner than later that would be fantastic, plus the boys tell me that the atmosphere in the stadium is great , something else to look forward to, i shall be working very hard and give everything i've got to get the chance to be on that first starting sheet.
Steve Whittell:  Thank you very much Tom thats excellent and may the club and myself wish you and your family the very best for your new life playing and living in Montpellier, but i'm sure it will all work out with brilliant results.
Interview by Steve Whittell.