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Le 19 septembre 2011


There are times when not a lot goes right, but when you can get on the bus home with something in the pocket, there is still a small amount of satisfaction to be taken, and that satisfaction was the 1 point that Montpellier stole from their opponents Perpignan on Friday night at Aime Giral. They probably just about deserved the point but certainly no more and thank their lucky stars that Perpignan will never play that badly again this season and win.
Not everything was doom and gloom, one good note and that was the defence, which more or less saved Montpellier’s bacon.
After 4 TOP 14 games Montpellier seem to have lost the know how to attack and score tries, crossing the gain line is becoming impossible and all the opposing teams are using an easy drift defence which basically means that by the time the winger gets the ball there are at least 3 defenders on him and he has nowhere to go. The mistakes are also becoming a real problem, why is it there are so many, the line out’s were a disaster loosing every one in the first half, the second half it did get better but only after harsh words from the coaches, and why must everybody try to be Sony Bill Williams and always systematically try and pass the ball in the tackle when 50% of the time we are loosing the ball in the tackle, why not go to ground with the ball just now and again, recycle and start again, it’s just not that complicated!!! All in all Montpellier have a humongous amount of work to do this week to get themselves ready for the visit of newly promoted Bordeaux-Begles next Friday evening.
Back to the match, Montpellier again have to thank Raphael Lagarde for keeping them in touch with the scoreboard, once again he managed 4 penalties which kept the points ticking along and keeping in touch with Perpignan, Porical the USAP fullback slotted over the same 4, the only highlight of the game was a USAP attack which gave them quick ball 10 mts. from Montpellier’s try line and Mele provided a superb crosskick for the winger Plante to touch down unopposed, the only try of the game, after that the match fell back into the world of mistakes from both fifteens, until the man in charge put every body out of their misery and blew the final whistle to end the match. Final score Perpignan 19 Montpellier 12. 
Another issue that seems to be standard every week is the yellow card, this week Jgenti then Bost, if they had a monetary value this season, we would have already banked a small fortune. The discipline is going to have to be resolved as the team cannot keep playing 10 or 20 mins. at 14 against 15 which was the case on Friday evening, against any team in this seasons TOP 14 wherever their position is in the Championship !!!
The start this season has not been good and there is plenty of room for improvement, but we have had only one game at home which was a loss to Brive but we have taken 3 points from 3 matches away from home, by far from disastrous,  now it is time to start winning and that has to start next Friday against Bordeaux Begles, so this week it will be heads down and get the basic’s right, forget about fancy footwork some good old fashion grunt up front and fast straight line running from the backs and when in trouble hoof the ball up field and start again, Elementary dear Watson!! 
We are at home on Friday in front of our supporters, and the opposition need to earn respect, nothing should be given, or taken for granted !!!
Steve Whittell.