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Same old same old

Le 26 août 2013
Biarritz seems to be an away fixture that never brings joy or honesty to Montpellier, last season 2 fictitious yellows and a match lost through incompetent refereeing, this season an array of fairyland decisions made by a more than incompetent man in the middle, Mon Jerome Garces. If this is going to be an example of the refereeing and video play backs on demand from the man in the middle that we are to witness this season, it could be a long and sad affair. No longer are referees going to make decisions, everything will go upstairs to the man in charge of the video and if he sees what he wants to see, the results could be straight from Disneyland!!!. The rules of the scrums have changed and slowly the game is benefiting, in a couple of months the scrum should once again be an intriguing part of the game instead of the waste of time and effort as it was in previous seasons, but this new idea of going video at every possible occasion still remains a thorn, is the man in the middle afraid to make decisions anymore, and why if bad decisions are made the culprits go unpunished, players are banned for games, referees could be seen on the pitches of Fed 1,2,3 for their indiscretions before regaining the sacred pitches of the TOP 14.
Some of the facts that incensed MHR coaches Galthie, Ledesma and Glas along with the rest of the players: 
1. A yellow for Tchale-Watchou when he was nowhere near the action, the guy is black and wearing a white scrum cap, not difficult to spot, at least 5mts from the action!!! his arms must be 10mts long to throw a punch from that distance yet the touch judge was adamant he was guilty!!! 
2. 4 times Montpellier crossed the line 4 times the tries went to video 4 times all were disallowed, 2 possibly were uncertain, but the tries of Tuitavake and Trinh-Duc were pure and of a certain class.
3. Yachvili was sat on his behind when he stole the ball on his own line, normally a penalty try and a yellow card.
4. Taele ‘s late tackle on Trinh-Duc nothing but a penalty, + other indiscrete foul play unnoticed by all, which probably deserved yellow..
5. A late tackle on Watremez nothing given.
6 Alex Tulou crossed the line try ball in hand; the video was not even consulted.
It seems obvious to all and sundry, including nearly all newspaper and website after match reports, that the degree of honest refereeing was far from legitimate but then, Montpellier’s President Altrad is not in the higher echelons of the Ligue Nationale du Rugby.
The match was lost 19-12 but the bonus point retained, that cannot be taken away by video demand, well not yet but who knows, new rules could even change that!!!!!!
Steve Whittell.