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Le 13 janvier 2011


The work carried out by Presidents, Jean-Pierre Massines and Olivier Nicollin, over the last few months, alongside the club officials concerned is absolutely enormous, with every club in the TOP 14 knocking on the door trying to convince our top players who are no longer under contract at the end of this season to go elsewhere was always going to be a mountain difficult to climb, but climb it they did. A press release on Wednesday announced the resigning of Club Captain, Fulgence Ouedraogo, Julien Tomas, Mamuka Gorgodze, Giorgi Jgenti, Juan Figallo, Santiago Fernandez, Martin Bustos-Moyano, all have put pen to paper for 2/3 years.
Francois Trinh-Duc and Benoit Paillaugue, look set to sign in the next few days when negotiations will have been completed.
This is a massive boost for the Gentle Giant and the General (Bechu Galthie) who now has a team to concentrate on for at least the next 2 to 3 years if not longer. Goals can now be set and achieved with this sort of good tidings. 
This could be the turning point of a making a solid TOP 14 club into something very special, that could only have been dreamt about a few years ago.
Steve Whittell.