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Le 20 septembre 2012


To the land of fine wine Montpellier are taking themselves this weekend, to play last season’s promotion team Bordeaux Begles, who after an excellent first season back in the TOP 14 finishing in a very respectable 8th place last May.  This will be Montpellier’s third away game and still no points have been brought home.
It’s all very well saying that there are 21 games left to play and there is plenty of scope and time BUT, at the moment we have 10 points, with 10 games at home left to play and 11 games away, simple maths shows that if we win all our home games which is huge, and 5 of the 11 away games without bonus points that would bring a grand total of 60 points plus the 10 we already have, a grand total of 70 pts, last season we qualified in 5th place with 67pts, so you can see from a simple calculation that away games have now to be won, irrespective of injuries or players absent for the 4 Nations Championship, so in reality the season may just be starting but there is still a mammoth task ahead to get back on track nobody ever said that playing with the elite is a piece of cake. Of course it can be said that others will loose games and that will falsify the calculations but then if you rely on others you are no longer in control and that would not suit Mon Galthie one little bit.
Bordeaux Begles had an excellent win last weekend against Stade Francais 30-22, so they will want to continue their success at home, which simply means that Montpellier have not only got to play as well if not better than they played against Toulon, they also have to score more points than Bordeaux Begles, easier said than done, but if we want to go into the end of season playoffs, which is the wishes of President Altrad we have to start winning away from home so Saturday is as gooder time as any to bring back a minimum of 4pts. back to Montpellier with perhaps a couple of bottles of Chateau Margaux 2000 to enjoy on the flight back for example.
Here’s hoping that Montpellier will play well and will bring back the points.
Steve Whittell.