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Le 10 février 2011


Tuesday saw the arrival of Alex Tulou, Montpellier’s wild card replacement for the injured and recently retired Jerome Vallee. Alex, who signed for Bourgoin at the beginning of the season, comes to Montpellier with new found spirit and adventure on a journey that hopefully will fulfil his rugby career.
Alex Tulou. Position Back Row.  Height 1.92. Weight 114 kgs, born 21/03/1987, Fagaalu Samoa, Nationality New Zealand.
Last clubs, Bourgoin 3 tries and 14 appearances, Taranaki New Zealand, he also represented New Zealand at 7’s.
Tuesday morning he was already at work with his new team mates full of confidence  and eager to show to his new coaches that he is fit and ready to commit to the cause for Montpellier, and he could possibly even be on the team sheet against Clermont an Saturday.
The first thing he did on arrival at the training ground was to shake Mamuka Gorgodze  hand, no more fisty cuffs we are now both on the same side, ( both got a yellow, Montpellier v Bourgoin this season for fisty cuffs.) 
It is excellent and gratifying to see the respect that players have for each other in this extremely tough sport. 
Steve Whittell.