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Le 25 janvier 2011


The last couple of weeks has seen most of our prominent first team squad put pen to paper and sign new contracts for up to, but mostly 3 years. Many of the players have been courted by other TOP 14 clubs with no doubt larger resources and offering better and bigger salaries than Montpellier could afford, yet all have signed new contracts!!
Maybe money is of less importance to Montpellier’s key players, but that is also doubtful, one thing is for sure the group has taken on an importance primordial of, camaraderie, loyalty, and team spirit, just some of the qualities that have taken precedence over large inflated salaries offered by certain clubs and the yearning to go on a voyage together that no one exactly knows the outcome only the time span, but interesting never the less.
Some of the players have been at the club since junior rugby school, others have joined later on in life some have come from foreign countries, but the end result becomes the same, a bunch of guys willing to put their bodies and souls on the line not just for financial gain, but out of respect for their fellow professional team mates, this is one of many reasons why Montpellier are living with the elite this season.
When a certain Stade Toulouse v Montpellier is bubbling in the horizon, all the qualities need to be on the surface, prominent for everyone to see. Montpellier are at Toulouse on Thursday evening with absolutely nothing to loose, but Toulouse have all Toulouse, a match Sunday against London Wasps ending in defeat, a large infirmary bursting at the seams and yet still favourite to win, but nevertheless under enormous pressure and at home!!
Nearly all our players who will be starting this game are well rested and have been concentrating on the forth coming combat, which is not the case for Toulouse, and now everyone knows this Montpellierein squad can only get stronger, and the family stays intact getting bigger and better.
This alone could well swing the advantage to Montpellier, never have they won in Toulouse, but we said that about Perpignan and that was achieved, the impossible is evidently becoming more possible for a group that is becoming a stronger unit by the day. Watch this space!!!
Stade Toulouse v Montpellier Thurs.27TH Jan k.o. 20.45 Stade Ernest Wallon.
Steve Whittell.