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Le 13 août 2012


Montpellier have finished their two pre season warm up games, unfortunately both lost to TOP 14 opposition, the first last Friday in Narbonne against Bayonne 25-26 and again this weekend against USAP in Perpignan  26 -7,  probably not the best results for boosting confidence, but the alarm bells do not need to start ringing just yet. 
This week will be the last few training daysbefore the new season 2012/13 opens on Friday evening with a mouth watering Toulouse vS Castres, but Montpellier start their mission early Saturday evening with a visit to Paris against Stade Francais KO.18.30, not the easiest task in the world but a strong chance of going to Paris and bringing home the bacon.
Montpellier without their Argentineans on 4 Nation Championship duties in the Southern Hemisphere for at least the first 9 games of the new season, but will be with their new recruits and new coaches, Stephane Glas and Mario Ledesma under the direction of Fabien Galthie. This summer Montpellier have invested well in both players and coaching staff but now the time for thought and preparation is nearly over, whatever is done on the training fields and in the physical part of the pre season preparation must now be brought onto the playing field and that is translated by points won and little or nothing given away. 
It seems that every season the level of difficulty rises, if you want a Gold Olympic medal its 4 years of pure dedication, if you want to place the Bouclier de Brennus in your Trophy room, it’s a season of blood and guts plus of course a little skill, and when you have nothing left in the tank, you find more blood and more guts to leave on the park. Champions are made by pure hard work and skill but if the work loads are not to be seen then the results will not be there either. Montpellier has every chance of being the best but they need to realise to their full potential and nothing less. 
We have witnessed in London over the last couple of weeks, if you are not at your best then 4th place is no longer an option but a reality, and outside the medals you are just another participant, and nobody remembers the also rans.
The season is as always long, and it will be hard, very hard, and only the strongest will prevail, 26 TOP 14 games and hopefully maybe more, plus the H Cup, the demands are enormous but the rewards by far outstripping the demands we shall see!!!!
 Everything is in place for success now it’s down to whose concerned to make it happen.
Steve Whittell.